The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons

Apple Activities to Do With Kids

This week I borrowed The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons from the library and did the following activities with the toddler in my care.

The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree is about a little boy named Arnold, and his little brown dog. He has an apple tree in his yard, and the story takes the reader through the four seasons based on what happens to Arnold’s apple tree.

Arnold likes to climb up into the tree because he can see far away in every direction. In the summer time he climbs the tree and plays in it and he hangs a swing off of it’s branches. When fall approaches the apples start to grow and ripen. Arnold puts a ladder up into the tree and climbs it so he can pick the apples.

Of course, after the apples are picked, the family makes them into apple pie and there is even a recipe for apple pie included in the story. The story talks about how you make apple cider with a cider press, and talks a little bit about honey bees and how they pollinate plants.

1.While Reading the Book Ask These Questions:
What happens to the apple tree in the fall?
What does the tree look like in winter?
Do different types of apples come from the same tree?
What other fruits grow on trees?

2. Make the Apple Pie Recipe Found in The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree

3. Blind Apple Taste Test: Buy two very different tasting and looking apples such as red delicious apples and granny smith apples. The red delicious apple is red and has a mild flavor while the green granny smith apple is tangy and sometimes sour. Cut up the apples in cubes. Have the kids close their eyes and put a tiny piece of apple in their mouth and have them guess if they are eating the red apple or the green apple.

4. Smelling Apples: Place one of each type of apple in a small basket or container. Tell the class that they will each have a turn to smell the different types of apples. Ask them to compare the different apple smells. Do the different-color apples all smell similar? It is important to encourage hands-on sensory exploration of the apples.

5. Apple Stamps: Click here to see how to make apple stamps.

6. Hand Print Apple Tree Craft: Click here for a simple craft to make apple trees with the kids.
7. More Apple Recipes: Cook with apples. At breakfast you can serve apple pancakes or apple muffins. Serve apple sauce with lunch or pack it in their lunchbox. For snacks simply slice up an apple and let kids dip it in peanut butter. Kids love making baked apples. You can even make an apple crisp or an apple pie for dessert after dinner. Click here for our recipe for candy apples.


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