A Professional Nanny Respects Confidentiality

Have You Ever Been Caught Gossiping About Your Boss?

Professional household employees are rare these days. If you work as a nanny how often do you hear other nannies gossiping and complaining about their jobs at the playground? In contrast, true professionals don’t speak badly about their employer’s publicly. While all workers in all professions are expected to vent to their spouse, partner, or a trusted friend, a professional employee knows the only way to resolve issues with their employer’s is by communicating directly with them, not by gossiping about them to other people.

To secure your reputation as a professional nanny respect your employer’s confidentiality. Don’t look at private papers, bank statements, bills, or files even if they are left out in the open. Don’t snoop through dresser drawers or closets of the parents. Don’t share any personal or confidential information about their families online or even on social networking sites without first getting specific permission from the parents.

Before gossiping publicly at the park, in an email, or on Facebook about your employer consider if you would be embarrassed if your boss overheard or read what you are saying. If you don’t want them to hear or see it then, it’s best kept private or just between you and one trusted confidant.

Do you know any nannies that have been caught gossipng about their boss?


  1. My friend just lost her job when the mom wrote what she said about the job on FB. If you are going to gossip don't put it in writing.

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