Do You Charge More on New Year’s Eve?

Have You Ever Charged More for Babysitting on New Year’s Eve?

In 1999 babysitters made $300 for New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. According to the The New York Times, more than a decade ago, babysitters were earning up to $100 an hour, some $250 for five hours, with a 13-year old charging $135 per child. If sitters could earn that much more than 10-years ago, nannies can certainly ask for more than the usual rate when working on New Year’s Eve in 2011.

A nanny can charge more when her services are likely to be in higher demand, such as on holidays. We recommend you charge more than your usual rate if you plan to work on New Year’s Eve.

Ask yourself if you even want to work on New Year’s Eve. If you would rather have the evening off simply say, “I’m sorry I already have plans that evening.”

If you would like to work New Year’s Eve determine the rate you would feel comfortable making. Would you like an hourly rate (such as $25 or $30 per hour) or would you prefer a flat rate (such as $150 or $200 for the night)?

Have you ever charged more than your typical rate when babysitting on New Year’s Eve?


  1. I never asked for more money babysitting on new years eve they just always give me more money.

  2. I charge per kid so when I do a party I've actually made $850 one night on new years eve. Each parent brings their kid in jammmies and I take care of them all. Work my butt off with fun stuff to do and by 10:30 lights out in the playroom (carpeted) and put on a movie. Kids can stay up and watch the movie or seep in sleeping bag. Once midnight approaches the older kids come out with their parents to celebrate but all the rest are asleep in playroom.

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