Another Tell-All Book: Could You Ever Tell Secrets About a Former Employer?

Kardashian Nanny Writes Tell-All Book

Pam Behan, the nanny who helped raise the Jenner and Kardashian kids, has written a tell-all book detailing her time working for the family. For years, she cooked, cleaned and worked as a personal assistant for Bruce and Kris, and during that time, she apparently uncovered a whole lot of secrets and built up a whole lot of resentment for almost everyone in the family save one person.

That one person, of course, is reportedly Bruce Jenner who not surprisingly, she got along with swimmingly. According to TMZ, Behan claims in the book that the family’s patriarch even spoke up on her behalf after she got pulled over for driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, that good will apparently did not extend to the Olympian’s sons, who the nanny describes as “spoiled and disrespectful”. Behan even owns up to once slapping Brandon in the face, a breach in etiquette that almost got her fired.

As for Kris and the girls, she was reportedly hot and cold on mom and privy to some of Kim and Kourtney’s secrets. It’s unclear what exactly she thought of the girls, but considering she hasn’t publicly bashed them, one would assume she had at least a decent relationship with them.


  1. Weird. I work in the same neighborhood as the Kardashians, they attend the same school as my charges, I've never heard of this person. I also know the Fosters former housekeeper who would have overlapped while the Jenner boys needed a nanny. It's NEVER acceptable to hit a child no matter what. She loses all credibility by that action.I hope they sue her for every penny.

  2. I think it is terrible she is doing a tell all book. I know the Kardashians are big on exposing themselves but I think there is a code of ethics when it comes to talking about past charges. Shame on her.

  3. She certainly can't work as a nanny again! It would embarrass me. My parents, former employers, the kids I babysat for would all ashamed of me.

  4. I couldn't personally do that to a family. Even one who had been horrible to work with.

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