If Your Boss Didn’t Give You a Holiday Gift, Would it Hurt Your Feelings?

Other Than a Cash Bonus, What Holiday Gift Do You Want from Your Employers?

Many nanny agency owners have been asking Be the Best Nanny Newsletter what parents should give their nannies as holiday gifts. So, we though we should ask nannies to answer the question themselves.

Undoubtedly, when asked, many nannies will say they want a cash bonus (for example, see our quotes in The Wall Street Journal articles “Cash is King” and “What to Give Nanny?”).
True, cash is king. But what if your employers only gave you cash and no other gift, wouldn’t that be upsetting? Be honest, tell parents now, what do you really want for the holidays?
What do you really want (along with the cash) for the holidays?


  1. I don't need an expensive gift and the bonus is more important. But if they gave me an evelope with money only I would be a little insulted as I'm buying all of them gifts.

  2. Yes I want something at least something made from the kids. I buy more for my work family then my own family! I live with them, they feed and house me, why wouldn't I expect at least a little something. I don't even want technical stuff but something heartfelt would mean a lot.

  3. I usually get half of my salary as my Christmas bonus plus a little gift. One year it was a $100 gift card to my Dave clothing store, another year it was a nice purse, etc. This will be our 4th Christmas together. Anyways, I would love something from the kids…something heartfelt. Like a craft or picture of them framed for my room. 🙂

  4. I would love health insurance. They pay something like that and I'd be THRILLED. I'd love an ipad too but honestly health insurance and a card would be more than enough. I'll probably get a nice bonus and stupid gift. But if they gave me nothing my feelings probably would be hurt.

  5. I want something sweet. Just something, doesn't have to be much. The cash bonus is most important and the gift is just something I'd like, just so they make a little effort. It would hurt my feelings but it's more important to have the bonus.Steph 6 I personally wouldn't want health insurance that's something that should be in my contract, yearly salary negotiations.

  6. got nothing from my employers for Christmas. Everything has been going so well and they seem to really like me. I have only been there for three weeks but still. I gave them and the kids a gift yesterday. MB was shopping all day today and nothing, not even a card. I am grateful to have a good job but I just don't get it.

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