Don’t Forget to Tip the Nanny Who Ensures the Health, Safety and Happiness of Your Child

The Most Important People to Tip this Holiday Season

CBS Money Watch listed the six most important people to tip this holiday season. Below is what they recommend giving for nannies, babysitters, and housekeepers. Click here to see entire article and the other four most important people to tip.

If there’s any tip you shouldn’t skip, it’s the one for your nanny or babysitter. This person has perhaps the most important job in your life: ensuring the health, safety and happiness of your child when you’re not there. You may already pay your child’s caregiver a solid wage throughout the year, but a tip is still necessary to show your appreciation and avoid hurt feelings. According to BrickUnderground, full-time nannies generally earn a tip equal to one or two weeks’ pay. Alternatively, they receive one week’s pay plus one week’s vacation. For your regular babysitter, consider tipping $25-$50 in cash or gift card, the equivalent to one night of babysitting.

House cleaners.
If you employ a regular cleaning person daily, weekly or monthly, you should present a tip around the holidays. The more responsibility this person has and the more frequently they visit, the more you should tip. A part-time housekeeper earns about $9 an hour with 10 percent of income derived from tips. (Although in metro areas like New York and San Francisco, it’s common to pay $20 to $25 an hour for weekly or monthly house cleaner). According to BrickUnderground, a regular housekeeper or cleaning person may earn about one to two week’s pay in the form of a holiday tip. So, if your housekeeper comes once a month and you pay an average $100, then $100 would be an average bonus.

Click here to see how much to tip others during the holidays./


  1. Mary Jean bc nannies care for the most important asset that an employer possessesDeniseI feel bad for my bosses, things have been really tight here money wise, and they usually give me a nice bonus. I know it will be difficult for them this year, should I say something?Sharon Bcoz nannies are what holds the family together! We raise their kids, run their home, do I really need to say anymore!!?? I am a proud nanny of 5 adorable children and got a bonus of $500 this year for ChristmasEmelie Only one family that I have ever nannied for has ever given me a bonus! Only one.10 hours ago

  2. If parents want to keep us happy they have to realize how to keep us and that's with money. But, this newsletter says all the time that as long as a family explains why they can't afford a big gift or bonus then I wouldn't be insulted at all. I want my job most of all so if they simply explain they can't this year I wouldn't be mad. But yes we take care of their kids and home and allow the parents to work, so to keep us happy reward us handsomely if you can!

  3. Hi all…A nanny can make your life easier by assisting with childcare as well as household chores and running errands. Choosing a nanny can be one of the most important and daunting decisions a parent ever makes. Thanks.

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