Are You Taking the Kids to Any Museums This Summer?

Keep Learning this Summer

Keep the kids learning all summer long by visitng the library and taking field trips.Together, you and the child can decide on weekly themes and try these ideas.

Borrow a library book about the child’s favorite topics such as oceans or outer space. For example, you might read The Ocean Alphabet Book by Jerry Palotta or The Planets by Gail Gibbons. For the child interested in the ocean take a field trip to the aquarium, tropical fish store and as an employee questions about the animals that live in the sea. Or, go to a planetarium or space museum for the child that loves outer space. Viewing hands-on exhibits, seeing shows, and reading plaques with help kids learn more while they are having fun.


  1. Hello, In DC.We got to American History shortly before they left for summer vacation. Did an IMAX ride to the Bottom of The Bermuda Triangle (why can't they make 3-D glasses that fit small heads, I spent it holding the 5 yr olds on for her.)We got to learn how they strive to keep Betsy Ross's flag from falling apart after so long. (Also learn the replica one the child used for her book report this year was not accurate, excuse why is it like that in some paintings of her then.) The best part was the labs area. Older one got to partipate in an activity on sugar content in foods. And in Engineering area for kids, I spent time trying to figure out how to replicate some of the projects for at home. Not enough time, when it is crowded like that and everyone wants a turn. Can't wait for the National Children's one to be completed.

  2. we've been to the zoo, pool, and water park this summer.

  3. Tons of air conditioned fun here in New York City:Children's Museum of the Arts Children's Museum of Manhattan New Jersey Children's MuseumAmerican Museum of Natural History New York City Fire Museum New York Transit Museum New York Hall of ScienceHayden Planetarium Museum of the City of New York Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum The Brooklyn Children's Museum South Street Seaport Sony Wonder Technology LabMetropolitan Museum of Art Staten Island Institute of Arts & SciencesNew York City Police MuseumChelsea MarketChelsea Piers: Rent a batting cage Exploration

  4. Great list Fiona, here's more in NY area we love to go toLoews Regency lobbyThe hotel has a lemonade and cookies stand open to passersby, not just guests in its lobby all summer longPuppetworks in BrooklynRollerJam USA in Staten IslandSpa Castle in Queens

  5. We love the library and book store story hours. Of course we have put in a lot of hours at the pool. We have been to two aquariums and two zoos already this summer. We took train in to city to see children's museums. We have a reading list from school and write in journals daily too.

  6. We have been quite busy and here are some suggestions of stuff I love after being a nanny in LA for 20 years!LA ZooZimmer Children's MuseumGriffith ObservatoryThe Getty CenterLA County Museum of ArtCA Science CenterNatural History Museum of LAPage MuseumHollywood Museum

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