Should Boys Be Allowed to Play with the Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

Would You Be Comfortable Having Your Charges Use the Breastfeeding Baby Doll?
Bebé Glotón is a infant doll made by Berjuan, a toy maker in Spain, for the express purpose of promoting breastfeeding. The idea is to impress upon kids that breastfeeding is natural.

The child wears a colorful bra-like halter-top featuring flowers over the nipple area. When the doll is lifted to the flowers, it makes a suckling motion and sound. When your child’s flower nipples grow sore and cracked, either the baby cries for more, or beckons to be burped.


  1. I would let a boy play with it if it's ok with the parents. This is a toy I would let the parents buy instead of giving it as a gift yourself!

  2. I feel that it not appropriate for young girls. What happened to the innocent little girl playing with her baby, feeding her a bottle, at a tea party? There are things left for you to learn when you get older.

  3. I fail to understand how this is inappropriate for any gender at any age. It is showing little girls the natural way to feed an infant. As a child I had dolls with bottles and although I used them I would also hold the doll to my chest pretending to breastfeed. As our culture normalized bottle/formula feeding fewer women are attempting to breastfeed. WHO actually suggests extended breastfeeding till two years.

  4. This is a great idea! As employees we need to respect the wishes of our employers. But it's a great idea for any child of any sex or any age.

  5. It's human nature to breast feed. If mothers can breast feed more in public now like at baby/toddler classes why not? Europeans understand that this is simply natural NOT SEXUAL in any manner. In fact my employer breast fed her baby with her sons sitting close by including one who is a teenager! Why, because it's human nature. Their sons never witnessed mom and dad have physical relations though! It's just taking Americans a long time to realize it's NOT SEXUAL to breast feed.

  6. I'm starting to just not like the whole halter top part of the doll. Kids use their imaginations without and pretend to breast feed with other dolls anyway.

  7. Sex is natural too but that doesn't mean we need dolls to express it.

  8. Debbie: Yes I would let a boy play with it as long as it is ok with the parents.Christine:I don't think I would let either one play with it I think that it is a way to make the kids grow up to fast and I don't think its ok for any ageJulie:Really..I never disagree w/ anything regarding boys and dolls…but boys can never feed their own babies this way, so no I wouldn't buy this for a boy.De-Shaun: I saw this on GMA this morning and I am having mixed emotions about it…but I dont think that I would let a lil boy play with it.The Natural Nanny: i think its pointless to buy a "breastfeeding baby doll" honestly any doll is a breastfeeding baby doll if thats how the child chooses to "feed" it. As far as boys vs girls… I wouldnt stop either one, children mimic what they see. If they see mommy breastfeeding then they will with their dolls too. If the boys want to play that way then so be it, its just play. Whats the worst that happens? A child turns out to be understanding and nurturing? By telling them they cant you send the message that what they are doing is wrong, and breastfeed is not wrong. If you see the child breastfeeding their dolls then use it as a gateway to age approriate conversation.

  9. Kari: seriously? A breasfeeding babydoll? what ever happened to the simple dolls and toys? I guess they already haave adoll that does everyhting else, this is the next step. I just really wish we would bring simple toys back and let the children use their imagination while playing… Soo much creativity has been taken away with children witht he toys they have these days.. like the kitchens that make all the sounds, etc..Kari: any toy I would let a girl play with I would let a boy play with and any toy I would let a boy play with, I would let a girl play with.. and if I have to think whether or not I would let any gender play with it.. then it is no longer a toyKassanndra: Seriously? If the point is to impress upon them natural human things the "flowery halter top" should actually be a pair of breasts but let's not stop there, there should be a "toy" that is a small version of a pregnancy belly, so the woman can prepare for her purpose, fake bills for pretend families, divorce kits for when playing house gets boring, and so on. Or, we could let kids be kids and not worry about feeding choices when it comes to their babydolls. "You're feeding your doll with a bottle?? Ugh, breastfeeding is the only natural way." It's bad enough when adults get that attitude, let's not start the kids in on it.Kari: kassandra you said it much better than me!Wendy: This is just unbelievable….. if a child wants to pretend to breastfeed, that is one thing and I would not discourage it… but to create an actual breastfeeding doll is just ridiculous. I'm all for breastfeeding but this has gone too far.. What is next, a mommy doll that will go through the motions of labor and having a baby?? Isn't all this a bit too much?? Can't a child just be a child???? I really thought this was a joke at first and just can't believe someone actually created such a doll…Lisa:My niece was two when her sister was born, and she knew her sister was breast fed. This same niece had been born with an outie, so sometimes when Mommy fed her sister, she would feed baby doll from her belly button. There are a lot of wharped toys out there, so I am not sure what to think.Debbie: Just as long as everyone realizes this is NOT sexual in any manner.Kari:hey i understand it's not sexual.. I just want kids to be able to use imagination with a toy. Give a child a doll that has been exposed to breastfeeding.. it will take a doll and mimick it regardless. I just don't understand why we need a special doll for everythingWendy: Stephanie ~ EXACTLY – well said. I totally agree.. Nothing wrong at all about breastfeeding and nothing wrong if a child takes a doll and pretends to breastfeed…. but I do think it's WAY over the top to have a doll specifically for breastfeeding… Exactly — sex is totally natural too – but would you be happy to see your child with two dolls performing sex!? Totally absurd and over the top..I just really can't get over the fact that there is a doll for this…. I'm really just amazed

  10. This is so funny, who cares? Everyone keeps saying how important breast feeding is, this is a great way to teach kids before their mommy has a newborn! I hope none of the professional nannies that read this newsletter would actually not support a parent if they chose to buy this!

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