Heroine Nanny Saves Child, Nanny Critically Injured

Nanny Hailed for Saving Toddler from Path of Sanitation Truck
Chicago Sun-Times

This is a tragic story about a nanny who is a heroine. Below is just a small part of the article. Click here to read entire article.

When nanny Jennifer Anton saw the white pickup truck careening toward her on the downtown sidewalk Saturday [May 21, 2011] afternoon, she instinctively pushed away the stroller carrying her 20-month-old charge.

Little Tyler Jones was hospitalized but spared critical injuries because of her caregiver’s quick actions.

Anton was not as lucky.

“She’s an angel on this earth,” said Hugh Jones, Tyler’s father. “There’s no question that from the eyewitness accounts she pushed the stroller away and took the rather colossal hit herself.”

“Basically [Anton’s] bones from the waist below were shattered,” Scaduto said at Washington’s [the driver] bond hearing Monday morning.

“This young nanny, she saved the girl’s life, and then she had the presence of mind at the scene to tell the fire department to go to her cell phone and how to get ahold of Tyler’s mother,” said Dan Kotin, Anton and Tyler’s attorney at Corboy & Demetrio. “It’s amazing what she did.”

Kotin said Anton fractured her pelvis, hips and legs. Skin tissue was torn off her legs, he said. She had “hardware” put in her body and is currently in traction, he said.

Click here to read entire article.


  1. Inspirational. I will pray for her speedy recovery.

  2. My heart breaks for this young lady. I am so mad at this DRUNK DRIVER WITH A BAD RECORD! I truly hope this guys has to suffer as much as this girl and the others have to.

  3. I hope we can get the word out, I want everyone to know about this woman. We need to organize a fund raiser to help her pay for her medical bills! How did the driver get this job?

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