How Often Does Your Employer Ask You to Do Non-Nanny Related Duties?

Park Slope princesses who send nannies to fulfill volunteer hours at food co-op need to get a grip
Joanna Molloy

When nannies complain about being expected to do non-nanny job related tasks from their employers, long-time nannies often blame the nanny for not saying, “No.”

Parents often may ask their nanny to do a housekeeping chore or two around the house. Trying to be helpful the well intentioned nanny pitches-in. But, before they know it, the task they performed as a an act of kindness, becomes expected of the nanny — without extra compensation.

After reading this article from the I remembered all my nanny friends that have been asked to just walk the dog once, take out the recycling once, and replace the mother for lunch duty once so she can get her hair done once, and then the nanny is expected to do these chores as a regular part of her job duties.

The most important advice is for nannies and parents to have a nanny work agreement. The contract must be very details especially when listing any chores that might be outside the typical child care nanny job descriptions. During negotiations is the best time to ensure the parents don’t expect the caregiver to take on too many duties or task she is unwilling to perform.

Also, Anne Merchant Geissler of The Child Care Textbook recommends if parents are asking nannies to take on extra housekeeping duties to have two separate work agreements. She suggests having a nanny childcare contract and a second housekeeping work agreement. This ensures that the nanny can drop the housekeeping duties at any time if the job becomes overwhelming. Then, the parents can take that money and housekeeping contract to hire someone else as a housekeeper and the nanny can still keep her job as a childcare provider.

Click here for advice from Anne Merchant Geissler about bringing up a complaint to your boss.

Click here to see her advice on coping with an nit-picky boss.


  1. no interest in doing adult related duties

  2. Huge common problem. I now have very specific work agreement so it's clear what I am willing and not willing to do on a regular basis. Even so, some of my work agreement is ignored. The parents like to "forget" what we agreed upon originally and I am to scared to bring up the topic.

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