Have Your Charges Ever Been Hurt at a Playground?

National Playground Safety Week 2011 is April 25-29, 2011

National Playground Safety Week is a time to focus on children’s outdoor play environments. A time to pledge to use good judgment when playing. A time for gratitude for all the adults who work tirelessly on maintaining our playgrounds.

Place this list in a prominent area of your home for quick reference. Then, before your children head out the door for the playground, check that:

Supervision is present, but strings and ropes aren’t.
Adult presence is needed to watch for potential hazards, observe, intercede and facilitate play when necessary. Strings on clothing or ropes used for play can cause accidental strangulation if caught on equipment.

All children play on age-appropriate equipment.
Preschoolers, ages two- to five, and children ages five – 12, are developmentally different and need different equipment located in separate areas to keep the playground safe and fun for all.

Falls to surface are cushioned.
Nearly 70 percent of all playground injuries are related to falls to the surface. Acceptable surfaces include hardwood fiber/mulch, pea gravel, sand and synthetic materials such as poured-in-place, rubber mats or tiles. Playground surfaces should not be concrete, asphalt, grass, blacktop, packed dirt or rocks.

Equipment is safe.
Check to make sure the equipment is anchored safely in the ground, all equipment pieces are in good working order, S-hooks are entirely closed, bolts are not protruding, there are no exposed footings, etc.

Safety checklists are available from the CPSC or the National Program for Playground Safety


  1. Yes, on my watch my middle charge tried to jump off the bottom step of a play structure and fell flat on his face. Knocked his three front teeth out. My heart still breaks over it. Just last week, my 8 year old tripped and fell during a game of tag and fractured his radius. That happened at school though.Maggi

  2. Maggi that's terrible! I had that with the kids at school too… not good! You should really complain or do something about it. Us parents complained A LOT until finally they actually got Rubberecycle to come down and install rubber mulch flooring on the school playground. They saved the day. Ever since, there has been no more broken bones!

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