Nannies and Au Pairs: Do You Get Paid Snow Days?

There was a white Christmas for the South and now there is a major blizzard in the Northeast. As a rare December blizzard disrupts holiday travel and promises to dump as much as 20-inches of snow in the New York metropolitan area, and the airports and a State of Emergency is declared, we want to know: Do you get paid snow days?


  1. Today I have off and in the past I have missed work on terrible snow days and been paid. If there's a state of emergency why go to work? Even the parents can't leave?

  2. Of course! If the parents can't get into work why should I? Safety first. They don't need me if they are home in snow too!

  3. I have it written into my work agreement that if parents offices are closed due to weather, I am not expected to come to work.I also have that there must be a clear spot for me to park and the enterance to their home must be clear of snow and ice. (learned that one the hard way, of me being the one to shovel a spot from my car and being the one to clear a path to the front door.)

  4. I also wanted to add, I had a REALLY nice boss who would ask her office if she could leave 30 min. before everyone else if her office if it was closing early due to snow- so that I (her Nanny) could leave work also before the roads got too bad.

  5. Well I want everyone to know that while the parents give me paid snow days off I do help the parents too and have also gone in on bad snow days too! I help them dig out. It's just stupid to go in if it's dangerous. I have also left early when storms get bad.

  6. Yep I'm a salaried employee. Sorry that some part time employees might not get paid if they don't go to work but if the streets are bad why risk it?My bosses are home for winter vacation so they didn't need me today. In the past I have slept over at work when storm starts. It's fun, we have a sleep over. Don't most of us in northeast keep an overnight bag at work in case of snow storms?

  7. I think, as most of the commenters have already stated, that it is common for the employers to put safety ahead of all else. When we get a big storm, most offices and schools are closed, so the parents are home anyway. Most do not expect their nannies to travel in extreme circumstances. If it were absolutely necessary for a nanny to be in the home to care for the children, arrangements can typically be made BEFORE the storm hits.

  8. Not going in today either since both parents home. They do pay me anyway.

  9. Nope as a live-in I work snow or not.

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