Dolls for Kwanzaa

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs

If you are looking for educational ethnic dolls Educational Collectible African Dolls can be found at

Barbie Collector Kwanzaa Barbie Doll Festivals Of The World by Mattel

This doll is dressed in a candle bright two-piece outfit with inspired Kente design, matching head wrap, beautiful African-inspired beaded hoop earrings, and beaded necklace. She also comes with a card describing her inspired beauty and design for the season of Kwanzaa. The doll is designed by Katiana Jiménez. This doll is available from Mattel.


  1. I have given this Kwanzaa Barbie doll to a child but I find it a little strange she basically has the same features of the regular Barbie doll. Oh well she's pretty and the child likes it.

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