In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: Praise, Be Appreciative, Don’t Demand Thanks

Show Children You Are Grateful for Them We have been celebrating the eight working days before Thanksgiving. With the Eight Days of Thanksgiving (and with only four more working days before Thanksgiving) we hope to inspire thankfulness in children by showing your appreciation for them and making sure we praise and scold children appropriately. Children […]

The Gratitude Attitude

5th Day of Thanksgiving We have been sharing ideas on helping kids learn to be grateful each working day until Thanksgiving. It is important to be grateful for the things done for you or given to you. It is equally as important to show your appreciation with an acknowledgment. So where do we, as a […]

Teaching Kids About Needs Versus Wants

6 More Working Days ‘Til ThanksgivingAmericans celebrate Thanksgiving next week. In our journey to the holiday we are suggesting ways for nannies and au pairs to encourage an attitude of thankfulness in your charges in our 8 Days Until Thanksgiving.Today we recommend you try to help kids put things in perspective by determining needs and […]

Helping Raise a Thankful Child

Setting a Good Example of GenerosityWith only seven more working days until Thanksgiving, today is a great time to talk to children about why generosity it is so important. The best way to do show kids how to be generous is by being generous yourself. Being a good role model is especially important with preschool-age […]

The 8 Days of Thanksgiving!

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Teach Kids To Be Thankful There are seven days of Kwanzaa, eight days of Hanukkah, and 12-days of Christmas. Why not incorporate the next eight working days until Thanksgiving teaching kids to be thankful? Use your next eight working days to teach kids about kindness, compassion, and gratefulness. If […]

Toys to Help Teach Time

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs Last week we discussed how to teach kids to tell time. It’s not an easy concept to teach and requires much patience. Yesterday we reviewed books to use with kids when teaching time. Below are some products to use to help teach kids to tell time too. […]

Did Your Nanny Agency Train You to Be a Nanny? Does Your Nanny Agency Pay You Your Salary?

An article was just posted on Article Storehouse entitled, “Why You’re better off Using a Nanny Placement Service” By Mark Etinger of The author makes good points about nanny agencies being experienced in background checks and knowing what questions to ask in an interview. But I disagree with two points he makes, at least […]

Books to Help Teach Kids to Tell Time

Wipe Clean Telling Time by Roger Priddy Review by D. Lowery: In general, I don’t get excited by workbooks. They’re static, I’ve yet to see one that is way fun, and what do they really teach? However, this book allows your little learner to figure out an answer, redo a page, or create his or […]

Teaching Kids to Tell Time for Nannies and Au Pairs, Step 5

Discussing the Second Hand The second hand is easy for kids to learn, since it’s similar to the minute hand. To reinforce that one-minute equals 60-seconds, stand next to a working clock with its minute hand pointing to an hour or half-hour, and with its second hand pointing to the 12. Have them count to […]

Do You Think Nannies Should Unionize?

Tough road to domestic workers’ union, report says The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights prompted the report, which shows that including domestic workers under the State Employment Relations Act β€œis a critical first step in the organizing process.” By Daniel Massey The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights that Gov. David Paterson signed earlier this year […]