In Honor of Nannies this National Nanny Recognition Week

Why I Love Working as a Nanny

By Terri Carroll
I love being a nanny because I know I make a difference in the lives of the little ones I come in contact with — even if it’s just a one-week temporary job. I could write 10-pages on why I know this is true, but I’ll spare you.
What a joy to know I’ve been a positive influence in their lives forever — even long after they have completely forgotten me!

The Pride of Help Raising a Child
By Sue Downey
Anyone who works with children knows the joys of helping kids to find themselves, the pride in being a part of the process of raising a child, and the simple fun of play.

We know that things we do today have long reaching effects and the work we do is important.
But to me what makes being a nanny unique is that I can interact with the whole family, which can have deeper and more lasting benefits than a teacher or coach.

I have benefited from these relationships in ways that I cannot explain. It is an intimate relationship and one that is completely unique.

It is an Honor to Work as a Nanny
By Stephanie Felzenberg
This week Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked nannies to share why they love working in their chosen profession. I have to agree with most of the comments shared by all of the nannies this week.

Josiah Laubenstein explained on Monday, that even though working as a nanny is a messy, unglamourous, exhausting, and even dangerous job, being a nanny is about having unconditional love for children.

Andrea Flagg described the many different hats nannies wear in a work day: tutor, nutritionist, chef, hygienist, nurse, counselor, coach, and body-guard, just to name a few. Great nannies, like Andrea Flagg, really do take the extra time and effort to provide educational activities and new experiences to help spark the child’s curiosity and self-esteem.

What nanny doesn’t take great pride in helping to mold and shape children into the adults they will someday become, as Emelie Wingland Root described on Wednesday?

On Thursday, De-Shaun Silas explained so perfectly why she LOVES working as a nanny. How many people can say they actually love their jobs? Well, De-Shaun and others like her can. What could be more important than knowing you have made a positive difference in the life of a child that will last with them forever?

And of course, even when we work just temporarily for a family we have a great impact on the children, as Terri Carroll explains above. I only hope all caregivers that choose to work as nannies benefit as greatly from each of their nanny jobs as much as Sue Downey has.

As the parents that employ nannies honored them this week for National Nanny Recognition Week, I want to thank the parents that entrust us to help raise their most precious children.

There is no greater honor I can think of than helping raise children by working as a nanny.

How were you honored during National Nanny Recognition Week?


  1. Yes, got my surprise this morning!!!!

  2. What did you get Lisa?

  3. I got a card with a necklace with the birthstones of all my charges on it totally unexpected! The mother sometimes reads this blog since I subscribe to the newsletter. Guess she read it this week!!

  4. I never heard about it until today so certainly my boss's don't knwo about it. They are extrememly generous gifts so I can't feel bad that they didn't know about it.Sydney, Boston MA

  5. There clearly needs to be more media attention about this because just this nanny newsletter and INA isn't enough to let parents know it is nanny recognition week.

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