How to Join in Historic Ceremony as Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Becomes Law

Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to Become Law Tuesday, August 31st at 11AM

New York Governor Paterson will be signing the New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law this coming Tuesday, August 31st at 11am.

Join domestic workers and supporters for the historic ceremony at the new Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaza, a traffic triangle, at the intersection of Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly Eighth Avenue) at St. Nicholas Avenue and 122nd Street in Manhattan.

Click here to see article on the topic.
Photo: Domestic Workers United members celebrate the bill’s passage. Left to right: Joyce Campbell (DWU staff, organizer), Deloris Wright, Marlene Champion and Priscilla Gonzalez (DWU director). Photo courtesy of Domestic Workers United.


  1. This is great news. There has been a lot of opposition because 99% of the workers protected in this bill are immigrants. Remember ladies we all come from immigrants. I know plenty of white American nannies treated like slavery too in their nanny and housekeeping jobs so this is a great first step in protecting the rights of all domestic workers.

  2. I truely hope this bill creates a better working enviorment and jobs. Above posters mentions oppostion because most are immigrants. I have no problem with anyone being an immigrant. It's when they are *illegal* immigrants that I have a problem with. My older relatives are all immigrants, but have paid taxes and got their green card and worked legally. Big Difference there!It's only fair that laws are for those who follow them.

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