Baby Food in Stages

10 – 12- Months Old

Once a baby is 10-months-old they have already chosen favorite tastes. Some babies like feeding themselves and no longer enjoy runny purees.

Be patient with the baby. The baby needs to decide what foods he wants to eat since he will be transitioning in the coming months to the world of adult food.

Babies can become picky eaters and have a varied appetite. One day you will think that you don’t have enough food to feed the child, then the next day you will wonder if the baby will ever take another bite. They are individuals and have a right to decide when and what they will eat. If you push them they will stop eating. Keep eating light and fun.

Once the baby is one-year-old they can start trying small chunks of food. Now you can introduce: strawberries, citrus fruits, and berries. This period is excellent for baby finger foods. Baby finger food should have texture but should be soft enough. Remember never leave baby unattended with finger foods. Be alert to the risk of chocking.

Baby finger food recipe:

Banana Pancakes

You will need:
One or two ripe bananas (not overly ripe or mushy bananas)
Pancake Batter

Slice bananas thinly, coat with pancake batter. Lightly fry in pan until golden brown.

Serve as baby finger foods for snack or at breakfast time.
Reference: American Academy of Pediatrics

Tomorrow: What to Never Serve a Baby

What are your favorite foods to serve one-year-olds?


  1. Food Ideas for baby aged 10-12 months :-Your baby can now have chopped or half mashed form of food. > Chopped cooked vegetables and fruits.> Steamed florets of broccolli as finger food> Sliced soft fruit( bannana,kiwi or mango)> Well cooked pasta with minced chicken and a tomato sauce> Steamed chopped spinach and cootage cheese> A slice of fruit bread> Sandwiches with mashed tuna> Cooked rice with peas and food

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