Baby Food In Stages Eight-Months

What Do You Serve Babies at Eight-Months?

Now that the baby has tasted fruits, vegetables, and single grain baby cereals you can try to introduce meat and fish, pasta, or noodles. Fruits to try after eight-months include: blueberries, cherries, cranberries, grapes, melons, watermelons, cantaloupes, mango, and papaya.

You can introduce some raw fruits now too. Vegetables, pasta, and rice should be soft cooked and mashed with a fork. While giving meat remember to cook and chop into small soft pieces.

At this age the baby may become a picky eater. Do not worry. They are just to interested in exploring the surrounding world. Later the baby will start showing some preferences for certain food. Don’t get frustrated during this period. It is important to observe what the baby likes eating and give him or her their food.

Blueberry, Banana Yogurt

You will need:
One or half mashed banana
One cup plain yogurt
½ cup blueberry puree (recipe is given below)

When you make blueberry puree mix it with yogurt and mashed banana. You can chunk banana instead of mashing it.

How to make blueberry puree:

Take about ½ cup frozen blueberries and put them in to the microwave for about 20 seconds until you see the juice starts to run.

Tomorrow: Baby Food for 10- to 12-months

Do you have any favorite baby foods to recommend for eight-month-old babies?


  1. The mom wants me to start the 6 months baby on meat today. Isn't it too soon? Should I lie and say I did but don't?

  2. Oh no don't lie. Never lie, not worth it. Always tell the truth when dealing with children in your care. Share your concerns then do as parents instruct you to do.

  3. Food Ideas for baby aged 8-10 months:-Apart from giving your baby at least 500-600 ml of breast/formula milk everyday you can try below mentioned food ideas. * Mashed potato and broccoli with cheese* cootage cheese with fruit* Sliced soft fruit( bannana,kiwi or mango)* small sandwiches with a smear of cream cheese or avocado* caulifower with cheese* carefully deboned white fish* Mashed beans or lentils* oats porridge* cooked white or brown ricehealthy children's recipes

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