Professional Nanny Development Coming to You! Nannypalooza 2010!

Nannies Across America! Largest Virtual Gathering of Nannies Ever Sept 18th and 19th!

You are lucky! Something special is coming your way!

It is the largest virtual gathering of nannies ever! Nannypalooza – Nannies Across America will be held the weekend of September 18th and 19th.

This event is really a group of smaller local events held in cities all across the country. There are events in 16 cities! And for those of you who are not close to a local event there will be two great tele-workshop offerings.

The idea behind this is to really celebrate nannies. We want to kick off National Nanny Recognition Week by gathering together to support each other, learn and have fun.

Here is a listing of the cities hosting a Nannies Across America event:

Las Vegas
Palm Springs
Los Angeles
New York City (suburbs)

Online sessions from the Institute of Baby Planners and the Academy for Coaching Parents. What a line up! And think of it — hundreds of nannies all over the U.S. learning and laughing together.

All events are $25 or less!! Some are even free!

For more information click here.

Are you planning to attend Nannypalooza 2010 Nannies Across America?


  1. If I'm able to find a job well enough before then I have considered travelling to one as part of a destination weekend.

  2. It's such a great opportunity I wish and hope nannies will take advantage of it.

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