Calling All Nannies Across America

Nannypalooza 2010

By Sue Downey, National Association for Nanny Care

Nannypalooza is a nanny conference based on the idea that nannies often have to pay for training themselves, therefore it should be inexpensive. It should be high quality and nanny specific. It should be FUN because you learn more when things are fun. It should be comfortable and inclusive. Everyone should feel welcome.

The thing that is great about Nannypalooza — and what the name implies — is that it is a celebration for nannies, by nannies, and all about nannies.

Because we work in private homes so isolated from other adults, it’s nice to be in the company of people who really understand our work. Not all of your personal friends will know the feeling of frustration raising children. It also takes someone special to understand the joy of those small victories; the first time she says please, a fun day at the park, and good grades on a spelling test.

Being a nanny is a unique profession. It is not really like any other job. Therefore, it is essential that you find some support from other nannies who understand.

So you decide you want to give it a try? This is the perfect year as there are events happening all over the country and a few online!

Instead of a large, national conference we are helping to inspire local nanny leaders and reputable nanny placement agencies to host their own mini conference. What a GREAT way to check out this kind of event!

Each event is unique, but some things are universal. Nannies Across America will be held the weekend of September 18th and 19th. At every event there will be at least two workshops on topics ranging from infant and toddler care, to helping with homework, to developing self-esteem, to asking for a raise, to negotiating a contract, to hundreds of other ideas.

There will also be a chance to ask questions, seek out advice, or share your own tips and tricks with others.

Finally, they will all be fun!! There may be a raffle, goody bag, or networking lunch or dinner! You will get a chance to meet some amazing people who really care about being a nanny and helping you to be the best nanny that you can be.

I know it is hard to think of giving up some of your time-off for professional development, but consider it an investment. An investment in the kids you care for, the professional you already are, and the nanny you hope to become.

What types of workshops would you like to take at a nanny conference?


  1. parents, negotiating contracts, communicating with parents that sort of thing.

  2. I have benefited from any workshop at every nanny conference!My favorite workshops at any nanny conference ever were the ones given by Alexandria School at Nannypalooza in 2009. We learned everything possible about newborns and then first year nutrition. What great passion the school has for teaching this information, there was so much of the most current information, and perfect timing as my employers were expecting a newborn. My favorite INA workshop ever was with Sara McCormick who authored the INA Credential exam in Ft Lauderdale. She did a conference about teaching children creatively.I do come home with a renewed sense of purpose each time I attend a nanny conference.Ask your employers to help pay for room and board if you need to sleep over. It is professional development and most parents will find is most deserved.Steph F

  3. I loved the Parent Panel at Nannypalooza in DC. It was great to ask the parents questions you might not be able to ask your employers.Plus, I love meeting new nannies from all

  4. At Nanny Retreat we all were in the American Red Cross Basic Water Safety Certification class. Any way that a nanny can get further training and networking is benefical to her professionally and personally. For many nannies the conferences whether INA affiliated or NANC affiliated are a positive resource.Another childcare/teacher related conference I attend is NAEYC. Which is so massive.The one question I see come up in parent discussion boards in my area is "what can my nanny do with my young toddler?" I am often providing answers to them, but perhaps this is an issue for nannies and parents across the country. So any workshops related to helping 0 to 3 develop would probably be a nice idea.

  5. I loved my experience attending nanny Palooza! From getting there early & jumping in to help sue,meeting so many nannies from all walks of life,the workshops were amazing,loved the round table talks at lunch,fun games,great food,social cocktail hours,the ability to site see,the list is endless. Seriously nannies you must attend this event to truely feel connected,inspired & renewed!!Jodi Lepp,Naples,Fl.

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