Alphabet Activity to do With Children

Eating the Alphabet

Children who are read to at home actually do better in reading at school. In addition, the child is exposed to new vocabulary words and how they sound. The child also gains familiarity with books and learns that print is read from left to right.

This activity may require a trip to the library but you may have a cookbook with foods from the alphabet already in the home library.

With this activity hopefully children will learn new words and try new foods while you create a menu for many meals to come. You will need to read an alphabet book with food items listed in it.

Read a food alphabet book together. Then read the book again but this time have the child point to and read the words. Next list all the foods illustrated and organize them from A to Z. Some letters will have more than one food, other letters will have none, but try to include all of them.

Now plan what foods to eat over the course of a week, with the intention of eating through the alphabet. Use the letters with several choices to provide a series of menus that are balanced and interesting. Write up a menu for each meal and have the child read the food words.

At the end of the week evaluate the process. Was it fun? Did the child learn some new words and try some new foods?

These fun reading activities come from 365 Reading Activities

Do you have any fun ways to encourage reading for children?


  1. Yum sounds like fun.

  2. Great idea and to make it more challenging and healthy add the twist of having to be healthy foods. After reading this I am going to take kids to grocery store tomorrow and try to find the alphabet. Apples, bananas, carrots, and so on.. Kind of like a scavenger hunt.Nanny Melissa P.Long Island

  3. For the healthy body need perfect food . Fitness is depend on activity .To get more fit do hard work.

  4. I had the kids run around the house today to find stuff that start with the first letter of the alphabet. Like a scavengar hunt and it was fun. We just couldn't find X. Thank you for the ideas.Jenn BOrange County CA

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