Health Care Reform Timeline 2014 and 2015 and Beyond

In the year 2014
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Insurance plan reforms:

Create temporary reinsurance program to cover high-risk individuals.

Allow states to merge individual and small group markets.

Limit waiting periods for coverage to 90 days.

Limit deductibles to $2000 for individuals and $4000 for families.

Require renew-ability of plans by limiting rating variations and controlling criteria used in ratings. Limits ability of companies to increase premiums due to health status, gender or age, among other factors.

Allow states to mandate formation of Basic Health Plan for uninsured individuals with low income.

Eliminates discrimination based on current health regarding new or renewal policies.


Establish a national Payment Advisory Board to recommend laws that will reduce per capita spending of Medicare.

Increase payments to providers based on the percentage of patients that are uninsured and on the percentage of uncompensated care.

Require Medicare plans to pay out 85% of premiums as benefits.

Reduce the amount of copay and out-of-pocket amounts that are required for an enrollee to become eligible for Medicare Part D.


Expand eligibility to additional non-Medicare individuals under age 65 based on income.

Reduce certain allotments to states.

In the year 2015

Create a value-based payment system to increase quality of care for Medicare enrollees.

Continue expanding access to evidence-based care.

Promote quality and efficiency in order to extend the solvency of Medicare.

Impose excise tax on the most expensive insurance plans to be paid by insurance companies.

Encourage multi-state insurance plans.


  1. Just wanted to let you know although I do not leave comments I'm reading this everyday. Just wanted to share it's informative and I'm learning a lot and keep on going.

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