Health Care Reform Changes in Responsibilities for Individuals, Employers, and Government

Health Care Reform by 2014

As we continue our Health Care Reform Timeline here are some health care reform changes to expect in the year 2014.

Individual responsibility:

Requires most U.S. citizens and legal residents to obtain health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. The penalty amounts are phased-in over time. Certain low-income individuals who have no option of affordable coverage are exempt from penalties.

Employer responsibilities:

Employers of 50 or more workers will pay a penalty if they do not offer employees health insurance coverage.

Governments’ responsibilities:

Must administer and monitor health care insurance plans to ensure that coverage is comprehensive, efficient and easily available. Each state will have to establish health insurance Exchanges for individual and small group markets to encourage comparison shop for standardized plans

Prevention and wellness:

Allows businesses to establish rebate program of 30% to 50% of premiums to employees who participate in wellness programs and meet health-related goals.

Establishes a similar ten-state pilot program geared to individuals.

Tax changes:

Allows certain low-income workers to apply their employer contribution and join an Exchange plan.

Increases fees and taxes on largest companies that sell or administer health insurance plans.

Implement tax credit for small business employers.

Eliminates annual limits on the amount of coverage an individual may receive during a year.

Prohibits insurers from dropping or denying coverage for those who participate in clinical trials.

Oversee Multi-State private insurance plans that are available nationwide.

If you have health care reform questions be sure to email so I can forward your questions to our staff member with a degree in political science to answer your questions.


  1. I beleive in health care reform and I really need affordable health insurance. I think we all do and we'll have better access to health care and won't be scared of getting treatment if we do have affordable insurance. Right now I don't think that I know any nanny that has health insurance unless their husband has it. I don't know anyone who has it that doesn't get insurance thru work. So it's difficult for domestics. My question is if I am unemployed will I still have to purchase it? It is mandatory for unemployed? And if the nanny is being paid under the table and the government sees her as unemployed does will it be mandatory for her to buy health insuarance?

  2. It is difficult to believe that any employer would deny their employees health care coverage, let alone when the health and safety of children is at stake. The Nanny Authority provides information about group health insurance to our nannies and employers, and families often cover in full the cost of health care. Hopefully the healthcare reform will make this process even easier and more affordable.

  3. To lovebeingananny,The goal of the Federal health care plan is for everyone to be insured and for everyone to have access to preventive and acute care. Unemployed, underemployed and low-income workers will all be required to buy an insurance plan. Precisely what kind of insurance and how the premium is financed depends on circumstances. Families with children will still get charity care, or Medicaid, but will be encouraged to find a health care provider that will have total preventive, wellness and treatment services. These services might be found in a hospital, clinic, or other facilities.Low-income or underinsured people, those whose jobs do not provide insurance options, will get government subsidies to purchase an insurance plan.In a few years, state governments will offer plans with low premiums for basic coverage. Single women, employed or not, with children or without, will be required to have health insurance under almost every circumstance. Whether the plan will cost the patient out-of-pocket depends on her particular family circumstances.– Polly Psi

  4. This is going to solve anything. Government should not require someone to purchase a consumer product. Companies will pay the penalty because it will be cheaper than paying the fine. It might also force companies to move jobs overseas. Medicare and Medicid is broke.

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