Review of BPA-Free Thinkbaby Bottles

After the FDA had a press conference warning Americans of the dangers of BPA leaching into milk, water, juice, and foods from plastic containers, we found 12 BPA-free baby bottles for parents, nannies, and au pairs to use safely.

We reviewed: the Adiri baby bottles which are BPA-free but the company is now out of business, the Avent BPA-free baby bottles with the honey colored tint, the Wee Go nurser by Babylife, the Born Free baby bottles, Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, Evenflow Classic glass bottles, Green to Grow baby bottles, Sassy baby bottles, Medela baby feeding products, Playtex drop-ins, and Breastflow baby bottles.

We also reviewed three books to help caregivers bottle feed babies: Top Tips for Bottle-feeding by Clare Byam-Cook, Balancing Breast and Bottle by Amy Peterson and Mindy Harmer, and Feeding Baby Green and Raising Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene.

Our final BPA-free baby bottle to review is the Thinkbaby bottles. Thinkbaby products are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead, nitrosamines, melamine, and biologically toxic chemicals. Thinkbaby has three nipple flow rates available. A cross cut slow flow for newborn to three-month old babies, cross cut medium flow for three to six-month olds, and a cross cut fast flow for the six-month old to one-year old child.



• Free of BPA, phthalates, and lead.
• Dishwasher safe
• Seven flow rates of the silicone nipples
• Venting system
• No spill design
• Easy transport with travel caps
• Easy to clean
• Packaging is recycled and recyclable


• Some leaking
• Some nipple collapse

What do you like about thinkbaby bottles?


  1. It took me time to get used to the yellow color of the bottle because it looks like it is dirty when I go to clean it. I kept thinking the milk is dried up and it’s not clean. Otherwise it is a great bottle. I haven’t had leaks and it’s easy to clean with a wide neck to make pouring and cleaning easier than a narrow necked bottle (like Dr Brown’s).

  2. I love the conversion kit. When baby is old enough to hold her own cup then you add handles. The most important question for sippy cups is the leak factor and we haven’t had many leaks. I used the bottle travel cap with the cup spout and no leaks.Susie, Madison NJ

  3. The valve is a simple little tube made of silicone and works great! The mom told me they are cheaper than other bpa free botlles.Sharyn

  4. I have had no problems with these bottles at all. I love that they convert into cups the child can carry!Tonya S.

  5. The mother has returned to work and I have been replaced her breast feeding by using thinkbaby bottles and they leak all over the place. Tha'ts my personal biggest complaint. Although gas and air bubbles are a part of feeding a baby. We have to burp all babies no matter how they feed. This baby has had much more gas with the bottle compared to breast feeding. Sorry to complain but it's been a frustrating experience.Newborn SpecialistHaverford PA

  6. The way that thinkbaby bottles transform into a sippy cup as the baby grows is ingenious! But the leaking has been an issue for me. The mother loves the fact it is so similar to breast feeding — making the baby work for her food.Aupair EvaTarrytown NY

  7. I like any wide neck baby bottles best. I like Avent because they are easy to use and grip. But only the brown tinted Avent bottles are BPA free. The narrow ones are harder to fill and clean.–Shoshanna Levy Greenwich, CT

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