The Easiest Way to Lose Control of Your Life is to Lose Control of Your Money

Women and Money

Since most nannies are women, this week we will review our favorite books to help women manage their money.

Even in this century and new decade, many women let the men in their lives manage their money for them.

But, don’t you hate women who just sit around waiting for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet? What if you are single and you don’t get married, wouldn’t you still like to own a home? If you are married, shouldn’t you be able to spend and invest your hard earned money smartly and as you like? The authors of A Girl Needs Cash: How to Take Charge of Your Financial Life by Joan Perry  shows women how to do that.

Many women neglect their financial lives, assuming that a “White Knight” will take care of it for them. But, the easiest way to lose control of your life is to lose control of your financial life. Joan Perry had a successful Wall Street career until a failed love affair and a lost nest egg made her rethink her priorities. She shares what she learned in her book by discussing the psychology of women where money is concerned.

Today, through her company, Take Charge Financial!, Perry helps women gain control of their money and their lives by building long-term financial well-being through smart investing. Joan Perry addresses the psychology of women where money is concerned, teaches them how to take control of their finances, and invest successfully.

Some of the important topics discussed:

Taking charge: Perry shows you step by step how to review your spending habits and develop new sources of income to create the kind of life you want to live–now and well into your future.

Creating the “money machine”: Perry shows how to build a personal “money machine” to generate real cash flow with the right investment choices for you–stocks, mutual funds, real estate–and understand the tax choices that affect your cash flow.

A Girl Needs Cash is a great book to show women how to take control of their finances and how to invest successfully.
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A Girl Needs Cash: How to Take Charge of Your Financial Life


  1. Very true. I just hit 50 yrs, unmarried and in a rented apt. I in the back of my mind unconscious I really did just assume I'd get married one day and his income would help buy a house. Oh well, instead of spending my life saving smartly for a home, I guess now's the time to start saving for retirement.

  2. Sad but true so many women do actually wait for the white knight to save them financially. Great series!

  3. When doing a budget it is a work in process. You can't do it just one month. It takes several months of evaluating it. You can do the first budget in one weekend, but still save receipts and tweak it every month for a year.

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