10 Winners of Free Dunstan Baby Language

10 Winners!!!

Dunstan Baby Language has generously chosen 10 winners of their Black Friday Giveaway! Dunstan Baby Language is happy to announce the winner of 10 free DVD’s.

Here they are:
1. Andrea Flagg
2. De-Shaun Silas
3. Greta Schraer
4. MaryAnn X. Meddish
5. Michelle Lawlor
6. Sara Carlson
7. Heather Donovan
8. Lisa Werth
9. Fiona Littleton
10. Au Pair Debbie

Dunstan Baby Language would also like to offer Be the Best Nanny Newsletter readers an special online discount on Dunstan Baby Language DVD’s which they can use themselves or pass onto their employers who can also purchase online at a discount.

Use the discount for a great Christmas or holiday gift for expectant parents!

Dunstan Baby Language


  1. 1. How do babies benefit from Dunstan Baby Language? Babies will cry less, sleep more, and be happier because their nanny, au pair, or parent will understand how to help the infant more easily.2. In what three ways could a nanny benefit by learning Dunstan Baby Language?1) Nannies and au pairs will be able to help the baby more quickly becaue they will identify problem sooner because they will know why the baby is crying. 2) They will have a baby that cries less and sleeps more because their nanny or au pair that can soothe them quickly. 3) Nannies and au pairs benefit becaue they will feel more confident knowing they can help the baby more quickly.

  2. im so excited!! woo hoo

  3. What my response had been.How do babies benefit from Dunstan Baby Language? In what three ways could a nanny benefit by learning Dunstan Baby Language?They are better able to understand the needs the baby (babies) in their care are communicating, and then meet those needs quicker to help the baby feel safer, secure and better able to form a trusting attachment with their caregiver.In understanding what the different cries and other cues the baby provides, and responding quicker, the baby may be less fussy, cranky, etc. and this creates a more calmer environment to be in. Thus, the caregiver doesn't become as worn down from having to contend with an unhappy baby.Knowing Dunstan Baby Language is a great thing to add to a resume and portfolio. It signals to parent employers your commitment to child development, your own dedication to education, and can make you stand out from the large pools of other candidates in this economy where there are way more applicants than positions available

  4. You are very generous for giving this great resource out for free!For people who were not fortunate enough to win the free DVD, I'm glad to say I found out about a free trial of Dunstan Baby Language. =)I found it at http://dunstanbabylanguage.org/I hope you guys make good use of it. Good luck to all mommies in 2010!

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