Baby Sign Language

Babies can use sign language to communicate before they speak vocally. Using their gross motor skills they can communicate general terms using sign language to convey how they feel or what they want.

This month in Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we discussed language and speech development. A fun way to communicate with infants and toddlers is using baby sign language.
We won’t be posting the articles published in the newsletter on the blog anymore. To see the articles you will have to subscribe to Be the Best Nanny Newsletter. But, we would like to share some information about the authors of some of the articles.

One of the authors of the November 2009 issue of the nanny trade publication was Baby Signs, Inc. We did not mention in the November issue that Baby Sings, Inc. actually sells a Nanny Certification Program.

Baby Signs® Nanny Certification Program is a self-study certification program includes all training materials and products you need to quickly and easily start signing with your charges.

The program kit includes the Baby Signs® Nanny Certification Program CD. This CD includes signing resources such as posters, coloring pages, and song lyrics. It also includes self-paced study materials for certification and receive your personalized certificate upon successful completion of training.

Using sign language is a fun way to help communicate with infants and toddlers. For more information check out the November 2009 issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter and visit the Baby Signs, Inc. web site.

Have you used baby sign language with infants or toddlers?


  1. I have used baby sign language but did not buy this program. The parents had a different dvd but it has been useful. The 8 month old does use signs and movements to tell us what she wants it is really fun. My experience has been really great with baby signs.Professional NannyMelissa Providence RI

  2. I have used this too. very fun very cute very useful.Valerie in NY NY

  3. It is interesting to me that 80% of your readers said they had used baby sign language with the kids they care for. I must be he only one ahat never heard of it before. Thanks for writing about it in the newsletter.

  4. The boy I care for had a speech delay. American sign language has been most helpful for all of us (parents, siblings, me the nanny). It bothers me when I see other children with delays in language development and the parents and caregivers are allowing the child to struggle with grunts and such noises without the use of sign language. They don't need to know the alphabet, just basic "I'm done" "I'm hot" "I'm tired" "more" "cold" "ball" and that sort of thing.Nanny in Boston

  5. Brilliant, makes perfect sense. I wonder why I haven't heard of this before too. Do most nannies really use this system? Where did they hear of it?

  6. Every student should learn sign language. We will all know someone deaf and we ought to be learning sign language anyway. To use sign language with infants is smart thing to do.Ellie from Houston

  7. I have found this very helpful in my nanny jobs with youngsters. It is great you are teaching nannies about this.Donna in Michigan

  8. I am thrilled to read about this concept. Absolutely brilliant. I should have heard of it before. Makes perfect sense! I am very intersted in trying it.

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