Election Day

Unlike the Presidential election there was no line this morning when I went to vote before work. Here in New Jersey it is a tight race between two candidates for governor, so each vote counts.

If you forgot to wake up early and vote before work simply ask your employers if you can during the day. Children love pushing the buttons for you. Just remember to bring some hand sanitizer to use on their little hands after voting.
There are many reasons to vote today. According to the Daily News Online, people who consistently vote in elections are the ones to whom politicians give the most attention; they are the ones who are actively sought after, whose opinion matters most in elections. They are the decision-makers.

Nearly every politician has a list of targeted voters, based mostly on voting lists. It’s simple math — they go where the votes are. It may sound cynical, but it’s more like simple political science. If you are seeking to win, it makes sense to spend your time winning over those who persistently go to the polls.

How do you get on that list? You vote, in local elections, state elections, and presidential elections. Your voting matters. It empowers you.
Among the votes to watch today are a race for a Congressional seat, two governor’s races, and a special issue vote on gay marriage.
One closely-watched race is for the Congressional seat representing New York’s 23rd district. The seat was vacated by Republican John McHugh, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to be Secretary of the Army. The Republican candidate, DeDe Scozzafava, bowed out of the race at the last minute and endorsed Democratic hopeful Bill Owens while the Conservative Party nominee is Douglas Hoffman.
In Maine a referendum known as “Question 1” will ask voters to decide whether to repeal a same-sex marriage law signed into law in May by Democratic Gov. John Baldacci that made such unions legal in the state.

The Virginia governor’s post opened up after Governor Tim Kaine was named head of the Democratic National Committee. Polls have favored Republican former state attorney general Bob McDonnell over state senator Creigh Deeds, a Democrat.
In New Jersey, polls indicate that the gubernatorial race between incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine and his Republican challenger, Chris Christie, is a tight race.
Remember to bring the children along to vote, they love to push the buttons. During the day you can let kids vote by using a shoe box or paper bag. On scraps of paper write down two or three choices for snack and let the children put their vote in the box or paper bag.
If you are an American citizen and there is an election in your area did you remember to vote today?


  1. Yes Steph, I already voted. You convinced me to vote for the first time this year! Your arguments are convincing. I'm glad you brought me down and showed me how to vote. Your buddy, K. 🙂

  2. I voted after dropping kids at school since voting is at the school anyway. Not that hard.Becky LarsonBrooklyn

  3. We are also voting for mayor and it is controversial here because many feel Bloomberg changed the rules allowing him to be elected another time. But, he has also been a great mayor. Tought to know what to do.NY NY

  4. I am working as a nanny on east coast from midwest just for a year and I never registered. I am sure there are many nannies in the same situation, can't vote forgetting to register, thinking you will do it later.

  5. It is true there are a bunch of younger American women I know never registered to vote when they moved here for a year as a nanny. Oh well, takes only a few minutes.

  6. There should be an article on things to do when you relocate checklist. Change of address, bank changes, license changes, and voter registrarion updates

  7. i have seen that the newsletter had the list of what to do when you relocate in a previous issue. to register to vote go to the post office.Valerie NY NY

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