Passover Children’s Books For Nannies and Au Pairs

Weekly Trip to the Library
A Touch of Passover A Touch and Feel Book By Ari Sollish
Join the wide-eyed illustrated kids of A Touch of Passover as they pat and prod their way through the symbols of the Passover Seder. Curious fingers will be unable to resist the bumpy matzah, leafy bitter maror, sticky wine droplets and more. Boys and girls are equally represented and impishly drawn to accompany the simple but engaging text. Printed on tough board book with wipe-able pages, A Touch of Passover will survive to be enjoyed throughout many Seders.

Let’s Ask Four Questions
By Judyth Groner
For a toddler’s First Jewish Library. Small, sturdy, colorful board book to introduce Passover to young children. Rounded corners and spill-proof laminated covers.

Out of Egypt
An Illustrated adaptation of the Book of Exodus
Book or CD By Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz and David Sokoloff
This is the classic tale of good versus evil. It has all the elements of a captivating drama. A virtuous heroine. A wicked villain. Suspense, intrigue, and surprise plot twists. Beautiful hardcover book brings the story of Passover to life in full, glossy color illustrations. Includes witty quiz section.

Out of Egypt CD’
hazak Productions, the producers of Miracle Lights and Queen of Persia, invite you to come along on a spectacular, epic journey — from slavery to freedom! Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire — in Shazak’s unique, fun-filled, educational style in this 72 minute audio CD.

Nachshon, Who was Afraid to Swim

By Deborah Bodin Cohen
Young Nachshon’s family has been enslaved by the Egyptian Pharaohs for generations. He fears that this will be his destiny, too, but when Moses confronts the wicked Pharaoh and then leads the Jews out of Egypt to the Red Sea, Nachshon gets the chance to overcome his fear of the water – and to realize his dream of freedom. The biblical legend of the brave boy who was the first to step into the sea when the waters parted for Moses, will inspire children to examine and deal with some of their own fears. A wonderful story for Passover!

Children’s Haggadah
ByHoward Bogot and Robert Orkland
This unique Haggadah designed especially for young children will be a delightful asset to any seder table – at home, in religious schools or at community centers. The authors do more than merely retell the story of the Exodus; through special foods, prayers and songs the children personally experience the miraculous event. The brilliant design and beautiful illustrations elevate the text into an imaginative source for children and meaningful work of art for all those who experience it. Includes art on every page and a vibrant accordion foldout of the seder plate. 72 color illustrations, Hebrew opening. Mostly English text.
Locked in Time A Classic Pesach Mystery
By Novelby M. C. Millman
In an old Jewish community in rural Pennsylvania, something terrible has happened. Every year, the local Rav sells the community’s chametz to Mr. Olsen, their beloved “Pesach goy.” Mr. Olsen has been doing this for decades, just like his father and grandfather before him. This year is no different, until… When Pesach comes to an end and it’s time to buy back the chametz, Mr. Olsen is nowhere to be found. The strange disappearance throws the Jewish community into turmoil. What has happened to poor Mr. Olsen? And what will they do about their chametz? As the Rav and Rebbetzin try to solve the disappearance, they discover hints to a mystery that dates back well over a century, a bizarre riddle that for almost 150 years has been locked in time.


  1. I think this is the first nanny site that has ever mentioned anything about Passover, our family’s favorite tradition of the year. Thanks, Julie, Northern New Jersey

  2. Hey, great Passover Children’s Books; I made a note of them for future reference for my Pesach / Passover website which includes educational games and quizzes about Pesach / Passover for both kids and adults as well as Pesach / Passover recipes for kids.Chag Pesach Sameach – a “Happy Passover Festival” in Hebrew – and Bivracha (“With A Blessing” in Hebrew).Eli Ha-Levi, BA, M.L.I.S. (professional librarian)Website: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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