Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Children Love Miniature Cabbages Believe it or not the kids I care for love Brussel sprouts. In fact, Rachael Ray seems to be able to make many “grown-up” foods palatable to the children left in my care. Looking like miniature cabbages, Brussels sprouts are members of the cruciferous family of vegetables and are closely related […]

Super Stuffed Potatoes

Cooking With Kids From Kid Food: Rachael Ray’s Top 30 30-Minute Meals Sometimes it’s hard to get kids to eat foods other than peanut butter and jelly and chicken nuggets but Rachael Ray increases the children’s repertoire of foods to include eggplant, succotash, and lots of yummy green plants in Kid Food: Rachael Ray’s Top 30 […]

Meatloaf Patties, Smashed Potatoes, and Pan Gravy

Cooking for Kids: Rachael Ray I cook dinner for my employers four days per week. By far their favorite meal is the meatloaf recipe pictured to the left and described below by Rachael Ray in her cookbook Kid Food: Rachael Ray’s Top 30: 30-Minute Meals. The gravy is the key to making this the best meatloaf the family […]