Allow Parents to Take Control of Child Devlopment

Respecting Professional Boundaries Nannies love the children in their care but they must always remember that they are not the parents. Despite the best of intentions and years of experience nannies may have with sleep training infants and potty training toddlers, most parents want to determine how to raise their little ones. Sometimes parents are […]

Balancing Texting and Surfing on the Job

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents It is often hard for busy parents and nannies to find time to chat in-person. Some parents can only make time to text or email their nannies on the train on the way to work or discreetly during meetings during the work day. The life of modern nannies […]

Parents Are Allowed to Be Hypocrites

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents   It is common for parents to direct nannies to limit television watching and not allow their kids to eat junk food. Then, when the parents are in charge, those well intentioned rules are broken and the kids are allowed to watch television while eating McDonald’s. Parents often […]

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies

You are a Nanny, Not a Family Member When the nanny-child-parent relationship is satisfactory for everyone it is easy for parents to praise their employees and affectionately call them “members of the family.” But, the reality is that being a nanny is a job. To keep nannies hard-working, reliable, and respectful of the employers’ wishes, […]