What Politicians Could Learn from Nannies

Civics and the Nanny On Monday we discussed how nannies can teach their charges kid-friendly lessons about the government and politics. And over the weekend we asked if nannies should talk to their charges about their political beliefs. Today, we discuss how the lessons we teach the children in our care might be appropriate for politicians of […]

Why We Must Teach Kids About Government

Do the Kids Know What a Democracy Is? On Saturday I asked nannies if we should share our own political beliefs with the children left in our care? I was expecting everyone to answer, “No,” because we obviously want to shield kids from nasty campaign ads and mean-spirited comments from presidential candidates attacking one another. […]

Should Nannies Share Their Own Political Beliefs With the Children in Their Care?

Presidential Campaign 2012 I overheard that the local teachers in the elementary school district not allowed to share their personal political opinions in class. They are allowed to teach history of course, but not try to sway kids to follow a liberal or conservative, democratic or republican view point. I have not shared the same […]