Favorite Products to Prevent Spread of Colds and Flu

Products Nannies Love Kids spread germs. Fingers and toys constantly go in their mouths and proper hygiene practices are difficult for little ones to follow. Washing their hands, teaching children to cover their mouths with their arm when they cough, not allowing them to share foods and drinks, and disinfecting high traffic areas (such as […]

CDC Recommends Chidcare Workers Get Flu Shot

Are Your Employers Insisting You Get a Flu Shot? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that this year’s flu season is expected to be one of the worst the country has seen in 10 years. Not even at its peak yet, the season β€œis stacking up to be moderate to severe,” Tom Skinner, […]

The Best Products for Sick Kids

Cold Remedies for Kids: What Works When a child catches a cold, you can expect them to be sick for one- to two-weeks. But that doesn’t mean you both have to be miserable. These remedies may help: Water and other fluids. You can’t flush a cold out of your system, but drinking plenty of liquids can help. […]