Sweet, Sour, and Crunchy Chicken Drumsticks

Cooking for Kids The little ones I cook dinner for love chicken drumsticks. I marinated these drumsticks in the sweet and sour sauce for a few hours then rolled them in the breadcrumbs and started baking them 45-minutes before dinner was served. Serving mashed potatoes and steamed green beans with the drumsticks make a complete […]

Healthy Heart-Shaped Treats and Paper Snowflakes for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Here in the northeast of America we are having a very snowy Valentine’s Day. Spending the bulk of our days indoor, as snow has been falling heavily outdoors, the kids and I made a beautiful paper snowflake garland with hearts in many of the snowflakes yesterday. If you have cabin fever and […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cooking With Kids: Valentine’s Day When I think of Valentine’s Day I always think of chocolate covered strawberries. There are few treats as delicious as chocolate covered fruits. I found Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell at the grocery store in the produce aisle and the kids and I made these chocolate covered strawberries in less than […]

Making Paninis

Cooking with Kids There’s no reason kids should only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Step it up a notch and take a few extra minutes to make them warm paninis this winter. The warm grilled sandwich combinations are almost limitless. And you don’t have to only use ordinary, boring white or wheat […]

Mini Banana Muffins

Cooking with Kids By The Naptime Chef  Mini muffins are the perfect size for a quick snack. If you store them in the freezer, simply put them in the school lunchbox directly from the freezer and they will be ready to eat by lunchtime at school. I also love bringing mini muffins along on outings […]

Gingerbread House

Cooking With Kids Nothing is more fun than making a gingerbread house with the kids. We made the gingerbread house in the photo with a kit. The kit has the cookies already baked and in the shapes needed to make the house. The kit also includes icing, candies, and coconut to use to decorate the […]

Latkes for Hanukkah

Cooking with Kids: Everyone Loves Potato Pancakes Many families are still celebrating Hanukkah. Latkes, or potato pancakes, are the traditional Hanukkah dish for Eastern European Jews. But, all children like latkes so all nannies and au pairs should consider making the children latkes during Hanukkah, even if the kids in their care don’t celebrate Hanukkah. […]

Thanksgiving Cornucopias

Cooking With Kids Cornucopias, sometimes called Horn of Plenties, are a common symbol of Thanksgiving. Typically cornucopias are filled with the produce, flowers, and foods of the harvest. Here’s a quick and easy cornucopia made with ice cream cones for the kids for Thanksgiving. What You Need: Waffle Cones or Large Sugar Ice Cream Cones Favorite […]

Super Stuffed Potatoes

Cooking With Kids From Kid Food: Rachael Ray’s Top 30 30-Minute Meals Sometimes it’s hard to get kids to eat foods other than peanut butter and jelly and chicken nuggets but Rachael Ray increases the children’s repertoire of foods to include eggplant, succotash, and lots of yummy green plants in Kid Food: Rachael Ray’s Top 30 […]

Beefy Cheesy Pasta

Cooking with Kids All kids love mac n’ cheese but here’s a great recipe I found years ago at allrecipes.com that adds ground beef or ground turkey for a boost of protein. It’s a favorite dish of my charges and their friends who join us for lunches or dinners. Parents and nannies ask me for the recipe […]