Follow Child Car Seat Laws

Respecting Professional Boundaries Yesterday on our Facebook page a nanny asked what she should do when the parents she works for don’t use car seats or boosters recommended for the age and weight of the children she cares for. The nannies that responded to the question overwhelmingly agreed that professional nannies must follow the recommendations […]

Don’t Ever Leave Kids Alone in a Car

NJ Court Finds Leaving a Child Alone in a Car is Abuse While working as a nanny I often see parents, nannies, and au pairs leaving sleeping kids in a warm car while running an older sibling into school. But, a NJ court found this to be criminal. Therefore, even when parents tell their nannies or […]

Winter Car Emergency Kit

All drivers in areas that expect snow should have an emergency winter kit for the trunk of their car. The kit should have: 1. flares 2. blanket (waterproof preferred) 3. extra boots 4. energy bars 5. waterproof gloves 6. water-proof pants 7. ice scraper 8. small snow shovel 9. flashlight 10. kitty litter (for traction […]