Do You Care for a Child with Severe Food Allergy?

How to Treat a Child with Anaphylaxis Food allergies in children jumped 18-percent from 1997 to 2007. One out of every 25 children, or 5.9 million, has a food allergy according to a study published last year in “Pediatrics” the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Of those children, nearly 40-percent have a history […]

585,922 Reasons to Be Wary of Dangerous Medication Side Effects

Has a Child in Your Care Ever Had an Allergic Reaction to Medication? Each year, more than 500,000 children under six years of age suffer side effects to medications that are serious enough to require treatment. Be aware that each person is a unique chemical factory. Therefore, interactions between chemicals, whether the chemicals are from […]

Do You Have a Charge With Skin Allergies?

Skin Allergies in Children There are many types of allergies that cause rashes or hives on the skin of children. Some are caused by reactions to medications (like antibiotics), some to foods (like peanuts), some are caused by bacterial infections (impetigo) or viral infections (like chicken pox), some are fungal (like athlete’s foot), and others […]

Do Your Charges Have Food Allergies?

Food Allergies in Children By H.J. Fracaro January 5, 2012 a seven year old girl allergic to peanuts died of anaphylaxis because her school was not prepared for an allergic reaction.  Being educated and equipped about food allergies can save a child’s life. Ninety percent of allergic reactions occur due to cow’s milk, eggs, soy, […]