How Being Paid Under the Table Hurts Nannies

Nannies Don’t Save Money by Not Paying asked us to share the following article with our readers. It’s estimated that only 5 to 10% of employers pay taxes on their nanny’s wages. This means that an overwhelming majority of nannies are being paid cash or under the table. While this arrangement can save the nanny […]

How to Make Children Laugh

Hands That Make You Laugh by Sheila Ellison Monday we asked what are the funniest things the children you care for have said. Today we describe another fun way to get your charges to lighten-up and have some fun from Sheila Ellison and her book 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids. Hands That Make You […]

Quick Games Make Kids Laugh

Teaching Kids to Value Humor365 Ways to Raise Great Kids by Sheila Ellison There is no sound like laughter to lighten the mind’s load. Families who value humor, who can laugh together, and who enjoy the sound of fun. have the only medicine money cannot buy. Those who befriend laughter learn early not to take […]

Yelling is Your Problem, Not the Child’s Problem

Respect Children By Staying Calm When you yell it is your problem, not the children’s problem making you lose control. It is natural that kids will occasionally “get under your skin.” Yelling at a child for something that is affecting you will not resolve the problem. Before responding to children in anger, take a deep […]

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

365 Ways to Raise Great Kids: Activities for Raising Bright, Caring, Honest, Respectful and Creative Children By Sheila Ellison and Barbara A. BarnettPublished by Sourcebooks, Incorporated. October 1998. Although this book is written for parents it is a great fun resource for nannies and au pairs. It is small in size (fits easily into a […]