Teaching Kids to Give and Accept Compliments

Teaching Kids Good Manners

Professional nannies know how important it is to provide quality care to children. What compares a stellar nanny to a mere babysitter is that professional in-home childcare providers help the children in their care develop a good character, good manners, a positive outlook on life, good self-esteem, and a love of learning.

One of the easiest and most important manners to teach kids is how to give and receive compliments. In the book 365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids Sheila Ellison explains that everyone appreciates getting a nice compliment. So, she recommends teaching kids to look for the good things in other people. Sit down with the kids in your charge and think of a compliment they could give their teacher, a sibling, parent, or friend. Perhaps they can compliment others for their nice outfit, pretty smile, for a job well, and so on. Encourage them to say that nice thought to somebody and report back to you how that person responded.

Also, teach kids that after receiving a compliment from someone else, the response should always be, “Thank you.” It’s rude to make up excuses about yourself, or way negative things back. Accept the compliment graciously with a big smile.

And remember that the best way to teach kids to have good manners is to model good manners. So be sure to share many sincere compliments with the kids in your care and to accept compliments graciously.


365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids: Activities That Build Self-Esteem, Develop Character and Encourage Imagination (365 Ways to Raise Great Kids 2nd Ed.)

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