Happy Mother’s Day Maaa…

I found this adorable Mother’s Day card idea to make with my Nanny Kids at the craftymorning blog. It would be perfect to make with white paint on dark paper like the project on the blog. But we used white paper with my nanny kid’s mother’s and grandparents’ favorite color paint instead. You can purchase the supplies needed for this project by tapping the links below or by visiting my storefront by tapping here.

You Will Need:

Card Stock or Heavyweight Paper
Paint or Ink Pads
Black Construction Paper or Black Felt
Googly Eyes
Paper Plate for Paint (optional)
Paper Towels

What to Do:

1. Cover workspace. Fold cardstock paper in half to make a card.

2. Pour a little paint on a paper plate or use stamp pad. Put the child’s pointer finger in paint, (using a little bit of paint is better than using a lot), or an ink pad and press it firmly on the center of card. Repeat putting fingerprints on card to make a circle.

3. Cut out the sheeps head and legs from the black felt or construction paper as the paint dries on the card.

4. Glue the face and legs of the sheep to the card. Paste googly eyes to the head.

5. Make a bow out of ribbon and glue under the face of the sheep.

6. Write “I Love You Maaa..” or “I Love You GrandMaaa..” or “Happy Mother’s Day Maaa…” or “Happy Mother’s Day Grandmaaaa…” on the card.



Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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