Unicorn Books and Unicorn Craft

I love finding activities to do with kids that correspond to their favorite books. I also enjoy using recyclables to make crafts with kids.

The Mini Mad Things Instagram page sells inexpensive templates to trace onto cardboard to make crafts. I recommend using pastels and paint sticks for these cardboard projects.

I used the unicorn craft with a child that loves “The Unicorn Academy” book series by Julie Sykes. If you care for younger children I have listed some children’s books about unicorns for younger kids below as well.

You Will Need:

Unicorn Templates


X-Acto Knife

Markers, Pastels, Crayons, or Paint Sticks

Children’s Books about Unicorns

What to Do:

1. Print unicorn templates from Mini Mad Things

2. Trace template onto cardboard.

3. Cut out the shapes.

4. Allow children to decorate with markers, pastels, crayons, or paint sticks.

Children’s Books About Unicorns:

“How to Catch a Unicorn” by Adam Wallace

“Never Tell a Unicorn Wear a Tutu” by Diane Albee

“Rainbow the Unicorn” by David Seer

“The Unicorn Academy” by Julie Sykes

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