Window Butterfly Sun Catchers

My Nanny Kids are addicted to making these simple, colorful sun catchers for every season and holiday. For spring, I printed out buttery templates (listed at bottom of page) and read children’s books about butterflies with the children in my care, (books listed below).

Using self-adhesive laminating sheets is even easier than using contact paper so I recommend purchasing some by tapping the link in this sentence or in the supplies list.

For more butterfly projects click here to see how to make Handheld Butterfly Sun Catchers; tap here to see how to make Cardboard Roll Butterflies; and click here to see how to make Butterflies made from Coffee Filters.

You Will Need:

Butterfly Templates: (Butterfly A; Butterfly B; Butterfly C; Butterfly D)
Card Stock Paper
Clear Contact Paper or Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets
Tissue Paper Squares or Colored Cellophane
Children’s Books about Butterflies (see below)

What to Do:

1. Print several butterfly templates onto card stock paper.

2. Cut out the outside of butterflies. Then cut out the inside of the butterflies leaving thick border.

3. Place the butterflies on clear contact paper or self-adhesive laminating sheets.

4. Have the child place tissue paper squares or colored cellophane onto the sticky paper inside the butterfly shapes.

5. Place another piece of clear contact paper or self-adhesive laminating sheets on top of the shapes to seal them.

6. Trim the butterflies leaving a little contact paper or laminating sheets around the edges of the shapes.

7. Have the child hang the sun catchers in a window.

Children’s Books about Butterflies:

A Butterfly is Patient” by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long

The Butterfly Alphabet Bookby Jerry Pallotta, Brian Cassie, and Mark Astrella

Ten Magic Butterflies” by Danica McKellar 

Waiting for Wings” by Louis Ehert

Hurry and the Monarch” by Antoine Ó Flatharta

My, Oh My–A Butterfly!” by Tish Rabe

Where Butterflies Grow” by Joanne Ryder

Family Butterfly Book” by Rick Mikula

The Life Cycles of Butterflies” by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards

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