Easter Crowns

After 30 years of working as a nanny and family assistant I thought I had done every Easter project possible with children. But I found these beautiful and easy-to-make Easter Crowns on the Sassy Mamma web site to do with my Nanny Kids this spring.

You can print the crowns for free on the Sassy Mamma web site and buy the other supplies needed to make the crowns by tapping the links below or by visiting my Amazon storefront.

You Will Need:

Easter Crown Template
Safety Scissors
Adhesive (double-sided tape, tape, packing tape, or glue)
Colored Pencils, Markers, and/or Crayons

What to Do:

1. Print out Sassy Mama’s Easter Crown DIY template.

2. Allow the kids to color the Easter Crown.

3. Carefully cut out the Easter Crown along the outlines.

4. Glue or tape the tabs to the sides of the Easter Crown. I found using clear packing tape works the best.

5. Measure head circumference and tape the loose ends accordingly.

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