Fun Paper Flashlight Craft

I’ve been seeing a paper flashlight craft all over social media. I decided try to make the craft for a toddler and preschooler I care for with a winter snow scene. When a child moves the paper flashlight in the plastic bag they will illuminate the images making it easier to see.

You Will Need:

Cardstock Paper
Flashlight Template
Black Construction Paper
Gallon Size Zip Plastic Bag
Paper Towel
Rubbing Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer
Black Permanent Marker

What to Do:

1. Use a paper towel with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to wipe off the printing on the plastic bag.

2. Download and print the flashlight template on white cardstock paper.

3. Cut out the flashlight and color in the handle of the flashlight.

4. Draw or trace the image you want to make on the plastic bag with a black permanent marker.

5. Place a piece of black construction paper or black card stock inside the gallon bag.

6. Have the child place the flashlight paper in-between the bag and the black construction paper and move around to more clearly see the drawing.

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