Snowy Bubble Wrap Paintings

Winter is the perfect time to make snowy scenes with the little ones. I had the kiddos dip bubble wrap tubes in white paint and then roll the tubes on blue paper to use as a snowy background for pictures. They used markers to draw a snowman on the paper.

I also drew a bare, winter tree on paper then had the kids roll their bubble wrap tubes onto the tree branches to make a snowy tree scene.

You Will Need:

Empty Toilet Paper Tube
Bubble Wrap
White Paint
Paper Plate
Markers and Crayons

What to Do:

1. Protect the work space and gather the supplies.

2. Take a sheet of bubble wrap around the cardboard tube. I just tucked the ends into the open ends of the tubes to hold the bubble wrap secure. But you can use packing tape or a rubber band to secure the bubble wrap if necessary.

3. Squirt a small amount of white paint onto a paper plate.

4. Have the kids roll the bubble wrap tube in the white paint. They don’t need a lot of paint.

5. Roll the bubble wrap tube on the blue paper. if the tube needs more paint just run the tube on the paper plate then continue.

6. Allow to dry.

7. Alternately, draw a winter scene, (like the bare tree we made above), and allow the children to roll the bubble wrap tube on the tree branches and ground.

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