Turkey Brown Paper Bag Puppet

Thanksgiving Craft

I found this super easy Thanksgiving puppet project to do with the kids on hugsarefun blog. You can cut out the shapes to make the turkey for little kids or let older children trace and cut out the shapes themselves. Here’s what to do:

You Will Need:

Brown Paper Lunch Bag
Safety Scissors
Glue Stick
Construction Paper

What to Do:

1. Cut circles out of white and black paper to make the eyes. Cut a yellow triangle for the beak. Use various yellow, brown, and orange paper for the feathers and red paper for the wattle.

2. Let the kids glue the feathers onto the back of the bag.

3. Flip over the brown paper bag. Paste the wattle to bottom of upside down triangle beak. Attach the beak above the flap.

4. Use paste to attach the black pupils to the whites of the eye and attach them above the beak.


Hugs are Fun Blog

Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg


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