Handprint Acorn Lacing Craft

You Will Need:

It’s Autumn where I work and live so I found this seasonal acorn lacing project on the Kids Craft Room blog. I made some adjustments to the craft project by using cardboard and had the child in my care use a safety needle to make this craft. You can buy supplies for this crafts by tapping the links below or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

What to Do:

Card Stock Paper
Xacto Knife
Hole Punch
Jute Twine
Safety Needle
Packing Tape

1. Draw an acorn cap on cardboard and cut out the shape using an Xacto knife and scissors. Don’t allow children to use the Xacto knife.

2. Use a hole punch to make 12 holes around the cardboard shape (see photo as reference).

3. Cut out a long piece of jute twine. Tape an end of the twine to the back of the cardboard and string the other end into the safety needle.

4. Allow the child to lace the cardboard acorn cap shape as the like or as we did in the photo. Once done tape the end to the back of twine to the cardboard shape.

5. Trace the child’s hand on a piece of card stock and cut out the hand.

6. Paste the hand to the back of the cardboard acorn cap.


Project from Kids Craft Room

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