Cardboard Circle Weaving

The school-aged children I care for enjoy making beginner weaving projects. I grabbed some cardboard from their recycling bin and traced round shapes onto cardboard to create circle weaving kits for them. This project is not for toddlers, but a beautiful boredom buster for older children.

You Will Need:

Various Yarns in Different Textures
Safe Plastic Needle
Circle Objects
Ruler or Strait Edge
Wooden Beads (optional)

What to Do:

1. Find various circle objects in the home and trace them out on cardboard. Cut out the circles.

2. Draw an odd number of spokes on the wheel with a pencil and cut a notch. You can be exact and use a ruler if you want. Use an odd number of notches.

3. Tape a piece of yarn to the back of the cardboard circle.

4. Run yarn across and then to the adjacent cut. Repeat until you have strings that follow your pencil lines.

5. Tape the end of the yarn to the back of the circle.

6. Allow the child choose the yarn they want to weave with. Thread the plastic needle. Tie the yarn they want to start weaving with through the center of the cardboard circle.

7. Have the kids begin weaving around the circle over and under the yarn.

8. The child can add beads along the or add a new color yarn by simply tying it to the one on the loom.

9. When the child is done, tape the yarn to the back of the circle.

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