Turtle Weaving Craft

The 8-year-old I care for enjoyed making Ojo de Dios (oh-ho-day-DEE-ohs) yarn crafts this summer. So I glued three crafts sticks together instead of two and the girl figured out how to make turtles all by herself without instructions by me.

You can purchase the supplies needed for this project by clicking the links below or by visiting my storefront by tapping here.

You Will Need:

Craft Sticks
Tempera Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Colorful Yarn

What to Do:

1. Allow the child to paint the craft sticks if they wish and allow the paint to dry.

2. I used a hot glue gun to attach three craft sticks together.

3. Allow the child to draw a face on one of the sticks with a marker.

4. Knot the yarn securely in the back of the craft sticks.

5. Have the child wrap the yarn once around one craft stick. You can start this for the child while showing them how to do this.

6. Then, turn the sticks clockwise (or counterclockwise as long as the child keeps turning the sticks in the same direction) and wrap the yarn once over the top of the next stick.

7. Keep turning the sticks around in a circle, wrapping the yarn once around each stick in the same direction.

8. If you run out of yarn or want to change colors of yarn, simply knot a new piece of yarn to the existing piece and keep going.

9. Make a knot around a stick when you’re done.

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