“A Pet for Pete” by James Dean and Paper Plate Craft

Pete the Cat can’t wait to get a new pet! He gets a goldfish he names Goldie. Pete paints a cool painting of Goldie and now everyone wants a piece of it! But Pete doesn’t have enough time to make one for everyone. Will Pete find a way to have fun painting Goldie and have time to finish his homework?

A Pet for Pete” is a My First I Can Read Book, which means it’s perfect for shared reading with a child.

Read “A Pet for Pete” and then help your Nanny Kids make Goldie out of orange paper and paper plates.

You can purchase the book and supplies for this project by clicking the links above and below or visiting my storefront by tapping here.

You Will Need:

White Paper Plate
Orange Paper

What to Do:

1. Cut about 1/3 semi circle from top of a paper plate.

2. Paste the semi circle to bottom of larger part of paper plate to make it look like a fish bowl (see the image above).

3. Have the child color the water of fish bowl with a blue crayon.

4. Cut out a gold fish from the orange paper. Allow the child to use a black crayon to draw a face and fin on the goldfish.

5. Paste the fish to the fishbowl.

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