“Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish” and Craft

Creative Wednesdays

I love taking children to the library. I found “Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish” by Sam and Missy Walshaw at the local library. If you can’t find the book at your local library click here to view a child read the book to your Nanny Kids. Have the little ones make their own jellyfish after reading the story.

In the book, Jasper is a very sad little Jellyfish. He just swims about and feels useless. Minnie the Minnow tries to help him, but she starts to wonder if he really is useless! Finally, something dramatic happens and Jasper’s hidden talent comes to the rescue.

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How to Make Jasper

You Will Need:

Orange, Dark Pink, or Red Card Stock Paper
Orange, Dark Pink, or Red Yarn
Hole Punch
Googly Eyes
Glue Stick

What to Do:

1. Cut out a jellyfish shape from orange, dark pink, or red paper, (see photo as a reference).

2. Use a hole punch to punch out holes along the bottom of the jellyfish.

3. Cut long pieces of yarn. String a piece of yarn through each hole and knot it (see photo as reference).

4. Paste googly eyes to the middle of the jellyfish.

5. Use a maker to add a smile and dots to Jasper as seen in the book and photo above.

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